Alice at Antony

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Alice at Antony House

With the National Trust.

You never know what you might see….Is that a flash or large white ears off in the trees? Where is that snoring coming from? Can you find the butterflies in the bushes? And just what is that at the end of the trail of playing cards? Who knows – but you will certainly have fun along the way!

Party goers follow Alice on her hunt for butterflies, but find themselves in a fantastic new world, full of lots of great things to do…

Photos by Meier Williams, Apex Newspics and  Rosemary Cutbill

Guardian review of Alice at Antony

Director – Joe Hancock


Alice – Cassandra Williamson

Mad Hatter – Danny Strike/Jonty Depp/Paul Morel

White Rabbit – Joe Hancock

Dormouse – Alexander Warn

Thank you to Antony House staff and volunteers who made us feel very welcome and helped deliver the best show possible.


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