The Adventures of Don Quixote

Don Quixote – Richard Pulman

Sancho Panza – Alexander Warn

Duke – Matt Lawrenson

Duchess – Elizabeth Pennington

Berenice – Becca Savory

Denise – Ruth Webb

Dulcinea – Jo Tatum

Maurice – Joe Hancock

Falcon Gang and Duke’s Men

Pupils from West Exe School.

Ella Ayres,Joe Barrett, George Butterworth, Jess Commins,Chelsea Cross, Lucy Guest, Charlotte Johnson, Louise Macpherson, Lilly May, Nadine Ousley, Megan Roose, Katie – Maria Scurfield, Kurtis Turner,Liam Wardle

Marketing and Project Management- Fiona Fraser-smith

Costume Maker – Meier Williams

Bicycle Makers – Ruth Webb, Bikespace Plymouth.

Community Workshop Leaders – Kevin and Sylvie from Bicycle School of Art

Prop makers – Noel Perkins (Clavino, Windmill) Ben Martin (Armour, Stove)

Sound Design – Michael Parker

Poster Design – Ruth Wickings

Honourary Knights of La Mancha

Zsolt Schuller DCC, Alistair Cope, Kirby James from CTC, Jim Pascoe, Gareth Thomas at Bikespace, Fin and Anna from Bikeshed Theatre, Samantha Morrish, Graham Heysett, Kate Howell, Martin Burrows, Dave Salter, Serena Childs, Chris Spiggs.

Workshop Team Ellie, Jack, Emma, Alexandra.

Thanks to

CTC, SUSTRANS, Exeter Canal Office, Canal and Quay Trust, Devon County Council, Exeter City Council, Chris Moulton, John Laurence and Bob Fletcher at Exeter Parks dept, Val Wilson at Exeter City Council and Neil Kennard. Bookcycle and Beaford Arts Centre


2 Responses to Credits

  1. Tristan Grose says:

    hey there! I cant really remember who i saw from you guys but a couple of you helped a bearded man after he crashed his bicycle around carn grey i know its been over a week now but i was wandering if you knew what happened to my bike afterwards ?

    • Hi Tristan!

      Hope you are making a good recovery! Last time I saw your bike it was with the Imrys guys- maybe they have it? If you are better, come and see the show weekend after next?

      Cheers Joe

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